Docking C of E primary school

About us

Our vision

Together, as a school community:
  • We will develop an ethos that is deeply rooted in the Christian faith and that reflects our shared British values.
  • We will encourage our children to grow into well-rounded citizens who live out these values in their lives on a daily basis and who aspire to make a positive contribution to the wider community.
  • We are committed to developing three thriving schools that will engage and inspire the hearts and minds of children, parents, staff and all local stakeholders in our villages.
  • We will, in each school, provide a safe, challenging and relevant learning environment that inspires children to achieve their full potential as enthusiastic, inquisitive, confident and resilient human beings.
  • We want our children to succeed in life by helping them learn to be independent and by encouraging them to do their best to achieve their full potential.

We want our children to “Aspire and Grow”

Our village church

At Docking Church of England Primary School we have good links with St Mary The Virgin, our village church. We visit regularly for services such as Harvest Festival. We also take an active role in church and village events such as The Shoebox Appeal and The Hare Fair. The church is nearly in the middle of the village and is just across the road from the school. The church is a Grade II listed building its oldest part was built in 1349.
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